WARCO team at Al Fares Dubai 2012

Stable mats by Warco Rubber Tiles are horse-friendly and economical.

Warco rubber equine mats presented at 9th International Equine Trade Fair in Dubai

Last autumn Warco had a pleasure to participate in the prestigious Al Fares – International Equine Trade Fair in Dubai, in United Arab Emirates. There we presented our rubber floor tiles. Surprisingly, not only did our equine mats spark widespread interest but also our terrace and playground mats.

Dubai – a fascinating city of international business and breathtaking skyscrapers welcomed us warmly: 38°C on an October day. We could quickly learn that this is not a problem, as people rarely go outside and air-conditioning works in all buildings and means of transport.

The city seems to be a perfect place to hold an equine fair. In UAE, equine culture is highly developed, just as it is on the entire Arabian Peninsula. Everybody could take a sample of stable mats at Warco exhibition standWe had visitors from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Bahrain, Lebanon and Syria. Owners of huge equestrian centres, state stables and private stalls, young riders and sheikhs – everybody could take a sample of our products and try the mats which were lying on the floor of our stand.

The economical aspect of stable mats was crucial for visitors at Al Fares. Rubber horse matting reduces the amount of traditional bedding (e.g. wooden chips) to the minimum, at the same time giving great comfort to the horse. Another aspect that convinced stable-owners is easy maintenance of our mats.

Those who already knew similar products were surprised to learn that Warco equine mats are urine-resistant (because they are made from EPDM rubber granules and fibres, and not tyre rubber) and liquid-permeable. Some guests told us that they once bought cheaper products from Asia, which fell apart after a year. Stable conditions are demanding, and floor mats are exposed to heavy loads and constant wear and tear. They agreed that it pays off more to buy and import stable tiles made in Germany, but which will last for 15 years or more.

Dubai landscape from Burj Khalifa viewing platform

Finally, our rubber floor tiles made from EPDM granulate, which can be used as an all-weather playground surface and comfortable terrace and balcony floor, received lots of interest. This material can be used on surfaces exposed to intense sunshine throughout the year. EPDM rubber is UV-resistant and heat-insulating; that is why it is much more recommended in hot climate than floor mats manufactured from tyre rubber granulate.

Our memories of five days spent in pulsating Dubai help us now to survive a long, cold winter in Germany. The city is one of a few places on our planet where you can meet people from absolutely every corner of the world. Their peaceful coexistence, bold ideas and hard work have created a postmodern city which is intoxicating, thrilling and disturbing at the same time. See you there in 2 years!

Warco displayed rubber floor tiles in a fair trade in Dubai.