Turn a cold stable into a warm abode

Rubber stall floor from WARCO makes the best choice for autumn and winter thanks to its insulating and frost-resistant qualities.

Specially designed rubber mats from WARCO make the best floor for stables. They are particularly useful in autumn and winter thanks to their thermal protection properties.

When building or renovating a stable, bear in mind that what your horses will be standing on in the winter season is an essential point for consideration. Horses have to stand still for long periods of time in low temperature. This can be hard on their legs and joints. The smart solution for a stable flooring that meets all requirements is WARCO’s modern and comfortable stall rubber floor. It will help you save the cost of the bedding and make a durable and protective flooring for your horse for long years to come!

Ten main benefits of innovative WARCO stable rubber mats:

  • Similarly to traditional bedding, they insulate from the cold ground
  • Rubber floor from WARCO is comfortable to stand and lie on
  • WARCO horse mats protect your horse’s joints thanks to their elastic, anti-fatigue structure
  • The stable mats are impressively durable
  • They are non-slip in wet and dry conditions
  • WARCO stable mats are water-permeable: liquids and urine drain away, and the floor remains dry)
  • Rubber mats are low-maintenance and easy to clean
  • The stable mats reduce noise and vibrations
  • WARCO equine floor is very easy to install DIY
  • Rubber stall mats from WARCO can be easily removed and reused

Suitable flooring for any individual demand

WARCO offers 40-, 42-, and 55-mm-thick mats which are ideal for horse boxes, paddocks, and open stalls. For spaces like barn corridors, stable alleys, and walkers, elastic interlocking pavers is the flooring of choice, as these pavers are also adapted to traffic and particularly intensive use.

Optimal protection for your horse

All types of the innovative horse mats make the best choice for autumn and winter thanks to their frost-resistant and thermally insulating qualities. They are made of quality rubber granulate bound with polyurethane, which makes them heavy-duty. They also provide good drainage through their micro-channels integrated in the surface. As a result the mats always stay dry and non-slip.

Trust the experts on equine floor

WARCO rubber horse mats make a quality protective flooring designed to meet the demands of a horse stable, especially in the cool winter season. Our over 10 years’ experience in supplying floor for equine use, thousands of installations all over Europe, and meticulous quality control guarantee a product that suits your horse’s needs perfectly. Why not visit the WARCO online shop directly and order a free sample?

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