Roll up your sleeves and get to work on your new terrace floor

Terrace renovation - DIY

Terrace renovation: do-it-yourself!

“Oh, I’ll do it myself” – this bold statement can be often heard around the house when it comes to repairs and refurbishing. Installing a kitchen oven, tiling the bathroom or renovating the entire house. Your inner handyman wakes up on the very thought of hiring a local company or asking your in-laws for help.. So, you are dreaming of refurbishing your terrace? This job can be a bit of a DIY challenge but if you plan it well and apply yourself, the result may be stunning! Continue reading

Roof terrace

A roof terrace is particularly exposed to all kinds of extreme weather conditions for a whole year. Therefore, roof terrace flooring needs to be not only completely frost proof, but generally resistant and durable.

Such are rubber granulate tiles, which last retaining their properties for about 15 years or more. A roof terrace paved with WARCO terrace tiles is also:

– dry (tiles are water-permeable),
– easy to maintain,
– children-friendly,
– fall- and sound-absorbing,
– high heel proof,
– slip-resistant.

A roof terrace paved with these tiles can be used, as is usual, with garden furniture, planters or a barbecue. It depends on the size of the surface and on the individual conditions of installation and utilization, which product to choose. Basically, however, the thicker a tile is, the better it insulates and cushions but usually it is 30 or 40 mm tile.

A 2% incline is recommended to enable water outflow both on and under the flooring. Tile underside is profiled, that is equipped with drainage through which water runs away, following the gradient or water pressure. You can install a rainwater gutter or built-in drain.

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Modern and ecological roof terrace design

This roof terrace design is modern and children-friendly. Elegant, mosaic tiles resemble granite.

Design a great roof terrace with attractive and ecological WARCO terrace tiles. Your flat roof can easily turn into a modern play and leisure surface.

With minimal effort, your unused flat roof or garage roof can be easily converted into a beautiful, all-weather terrace. If you are looking for new ideas for a modern roof terrace design, WARCO offers you easily-installed and durable terrace tiles in many formats and colours. Continue reading