Spice up your balcony

Spice up your balcony

Make the most of your balcony with weather-resistant flooring made of rubber granulate. WARCO tiles can be laid DIY and make a great choice for areas of any size.

A world of difference

Are you a temporary or, just like me, a lifelong city dweller who is in crying need for an inviting oasis of tranquility to relax and recharge the batteries? Time to convert your neglected balcony into a lovely open-air space, a comfy home extension that easily captures the attention of onlookers and neighbours! Get ready to spend your leisure time on an incredibly comfortable, durable, weatherproof balcony in a gorgeous, unique colour! WARCO rubber tiles turn your balcony into a modern retreat away from the daily hustle and bustle, a cosy reading nook, an outdoor home office, or a new fun place to hangout. Make more efficient use of your available living space and create a cool balcony that is worth looking at for a change. Brilliant and imaginative inspirations are right at your fingertips!

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Easy balcony renovation

How to renovate balcony floor? With elastic tiles your balcony renovation will be easy and lasting.

How to renovate your old balcony flooring? With rubber floor tiles, your balcony will last for years. Spare money on installation and do it yourself!

Having a balcony is a luxury that you want to enjoy just like any other room in your house. It is a place where you should be able to sit, lay down, exercise, play with your kids. With rubber tiles, your balcony will be pleasant to use all year round and it is family-friendly. The tiles are heat- and cold-insulating, so you won’t have cold feet. Continue reading