Stunning garden with WARCO outdoor flooring

Rubber outdoor tiles

Rubber oudoor flooring for terrace

Have you thought of adding a touch of style and practicality to your garden? For those of you who absolutely love the idea of turning their garden into an aesthetic and functional space of enjoyment and relax where you may take a break, bask in the sun, host lunch or simply socialise with those you care about, innovative garden tiles are the perfect option for you!


Functional outdoor flooring by WARCO is produced of unique combination of EPDM rubber granulate and a polyurethane binder, creating an especially durable and a totally weather-resistant product. Thanks to the drainage integrated in the tiles’ surface, the outdoor flooring is also water-permeable. Moreover, the garden tiles are anti-slip and fall-attenuating, making the elastic area particularly safe for children during play. A wide selection of dimensions and bright colours exuding vivacity and energy through classic grey, beige and earthy tones complimenting the surrounding greenery of the garden, the available designs work to outstanding effect and are well suited to every exterior space.

Easy installation of rubber flooring

If you think that the installation of WARCO flooring is a time-consuming and complicated task, think again! You can easily install the DIY outdoor rubber tiles by adopting a few simple strategies: if you intend to install the tiles on soil or grass, remove the top part of the existing ground, and depending on the local conditions, provide an anti-frost layer. Then, assemble a levelled and well-compacted grit or gravel. As an alternative solution, we may use a plastic paving grid filled with mix gravel; then we may lay the garden tiles on top of it. This innovative building accessory will ensure an enhanced stability to the newly installed flooring and will guarantee an effective a water-permeable base course.

Variety of applications

WARCO garden flooring may be employed for a variety of use – the outdoor garden tiles may serve as walkway path, terrace, entertaining patio, winter garden, driveway, outdoor fitness or a play area – whichever idea you relate to most, you will find a matching product for your intended purpose. Turning your garden into a beautiful private space of well-being combined with stylish functionality is sure to encourage you to spend less time in front of your TV or computer and stay more outdoors!