Spice up your balcony

Spice up your balcony

Make the most of your balcony with weather-resistant flooring made of rubber granulate. WARCO tiles can be laid DIY and make a great choice for areas of any size.

A world of difference

Are you a temporary or, just like me, a lifelong city dweller who is in crying need for an inviting oasis of tranquility to relax and recharge the batteries? Time to convert your neglected balcony into a lovely open-air space, a comfy home extension that easily captures the attention of onlookers and neighbours! Get ready to spend your leisure time on an incredibly comfortable, durable, weatherproof balcony in a gorgeous, unique colour! WARCO rubber tiles turn your balcony into a modern retreat away from the daily hustle and bustle, a cosy reading nook, an outdoor home office, or a new fun place to hangout. Make more efficient use of your available living space and create a cool balcony that is worth looking at for a change. Brilliant and imaginative inspirations are right at your fingertips!

Instantly practical

If you want to give a new life to your balcony, no matter its size, the choice of the appropriate flooring is absolutely crucial. Best opt for weatherproof, heavy-duty rubber granulate balcony tiles from WARCO. These unique elastic tiles are amazingly comfortable to walk and to sit on, but at the same time you can plop any number of heavy pots with your favourite plants and furniture without worries that the tiles will ever crack, chip, or get deformed.

Stand out from the crowd

A little bit of colour can do wonders — it is a fantastic mood-booster and can add your own personality to your balcony. Choose your personal favourite from a palette of pristine classics such as greys, beiges or browns, or go ultra-modern with a stunning colour like juicy blue, violet or red. Your redesigned balcony will instantly become more inviting and out of the ordinary!

Easy as pie and quick as a flash

DIY installation of balcony tiles? Easier said than done, right? Unless you go for WARCO balcony tiles, which make it all easier done than said. Neither prior technical experience nor complex tools, gluing, or long hours are needed to lay the tiles. Literally everybody can install them in next to no time.

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