Safety pool floor – fit for outdoor swim!

Exterior rubber safety flooring by WARCO is just perfect for swimming pools surrounds. Safety swimming pool floor tiles

Safety outdoor rubber tiles are equipped with drainage channels so they are water-permeable and anti-slip on their entire surface. What is more, they dry quickly and isolate against heat, cold, and sound.

In the peak of summer, as the temperature rises outside, just imagine dipping into a pool where you can cool down and feel all the wonderful benefits that water has on our body and mind. In order to fully enjoy your relaxing and pampering holiday in a pool, apart from sheer fun, you should take into consideration also safety.

Outdoor rubber floor made by the German producer – WARCO, has been envisaged for the purpose of creating a safety surface for sports and leisure areas, so it makes a perfect solution for swimming pool surrounds. Exterior rubber tiles may be used for both public but also private use for those who have access to a pool in the comfort of their own home.

Safety first!

To begin with, WARCO tiles are made of rubber granulate which makes a thermally and acoustically efficient barrier, therefore, rubber flooring provides insulation against heat, cold and sound. It protects against impact and it cushions potential falls and injuries. The structure of the tiles is porous, thus the flooring is water-permeable, quick-drying and naturally anti-slip – all those factors are essential at a swimming pool area.

Resistant and colour-fast

Thanks to the built-in drainage, the tiles remain dry and hygienic in use. More importantly, EPDM is new and fully coloured rubber granulate that is rot-proof and is resistant to UV-rays. Consequently, it retains its initial colour for the almost whole period of use.

Easy montage

Another incredible feature of the WARCO tiles is that they may be assembled DIY. Their installation is very easy as they are equipped with ingenious connection systems (tongue and groove and interlocking zip) which require little or no glueing.

Created for fun

On top of this, WARCO outdoor rubber flooring is available in a large variety of designs, shapes and magnificent colours which will make your swimming pool surrounds visually appealing. Safety rubber tiles are cost-effective, easy care and they do not have a detrimental effect on the environment. They are non-toxic so children may safely play on them. Of course, their parents may join in on the fun any time too!

Dive for more!

Lastly, but definitely not least, modern exterior rubber floor is exceptionally hard-wearing, therefore you may be sure to enjoy the tiles for many years to come! To see more of WARCO products, dive into our photo gallery of rubber floor tiles where you may see numerous examples of realisations of our projects. To get a free sample and a piece of valuable advice from our expert, complete a contact form on our website!