Rubber floor

There are hundreds types or rubber floor, as there are as many types of rubber. On this blog we focus on flooring made of rubber granulate – more exactly, of tyre or EPDM rubber granulate bonded with polyurethane.

This rubber granulate floor is much thicker and incomparably more comfortable and long-lasting than simple elastic sheets. It is 18-100 mm thick (standard rubber tiles are 30mm thick) and has profiled underside to enable water drainage and air circulation. It also has profiled edges, so the connection between the tiles is stronger and the floor doesn’t shift. WARCO standard rubber floor is available in 2 systems: interlocking zip and tongue-and-groove.

Rubber floor made from tyre rubber has outstanding fall protection properties, therefore it is mostly used on playgrounds, in kindergartens or under climbing walls. EPDM rubber floor can be more often seen on terraces, balconies (as it is colour-fast) and more demanding areas like horse stables.

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