Modern and ecological roof terrace design

This roof terrace design is modern and children-friendly. Elegant, mosaic tiles resemble granite.

Design a great roof terrace with attractive and ecological WARCO terrace tiles. Your flat roof can easily turn into a modern play and leisure surface.

With minimal effort, your unused flat roof or garage roof can be easily converted into a beautiful, all-weather terrace. If you are looking for new ideas for a modern roof terrace design, WARCO offers you easily-installed and durable terrace tiles in many formats and colours.

WARCO terrace tiles can be placed directly over your existing roof insulation sheets. The tiles are water-permeable so rain water will go through the tiles and drain away. Some of it will disperse through the tiles and evaporate. If your roofing or bitumen felt is uneven, place another layer of insulation to level it out. Then, assemble WARCO 30 mm or 40 mm terrace tiles (the thicker the tile, the better it insulates and the flatter the surface) on your roof. You can cut our outdoor tiles to a desired shape with a wood saw.

Choose between 2 designs for your roof terrace: the interlocking zip (on the photo) or the classical tongue-and-groove connection (square tiles). Both connections create a seamless tile pattern and facilitate DIY installation. At the same time, they make so called form-fit connection where edging and gluing is not necessary. However, in order to enhance the stability of our flooring, we may optionally glue the external row of the tiles. They could be glue to each other on the edges (2 last rows of tiles) with polyurethane adhesive OP83.

Most of our tiles are compatible and many clients opt for colourful designs, using tiles of different colours or shades for one project. In our offer you may choose among a wide selection of colours and dimensions. In the picture above, you may see our Customers’ favourite ‘mosaic’ design which resembles granite. It is especially aimed at balconies and terraces, and it looks great with classical handrails or granite accessories. ‘Mosaic’ outdoor tiles were our top-selling rubber floor products last season!

Your new roof terrace will be much cosier, warmer and children-friendly. WARCO terrace flooring can be safely used with garden furniture, barbecue, or plant pots. Because of its thermal insulation properties, you can walk on it barefoot, and your children will definitely enjoy running on it, and your pets – sleeping on the warm flooring.

Your roof terrace will be colour-fast because WARCO outdoor terrace tiles are made of high-quality, UV-resistant EPDM rubber granulate, which also guarantees extra durability of your terrace tiles. They are ecological, too – WARCO tiles are made of recycled rubber and at the end of their life can be used again for other products. They are completely safe for your health and they have got fall-attenuating properties.

Order your tiles online on, save money on DIY installation and enjoy your comfortable, new roof terrace!

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