Is rubber granulate floor expensive?

Rubber flooring, compared to other flooring materials, has competitive prices.

Let’s see if rubber granulate flooring pays off compared with traditional flooring for home and garden. What will save you money and where can you buy rubber floor tiles?

An average cost of 1 sq.m. of a terrace tile made of rubber granulate ranges from 20 to 50 £, depending on the tile thickness. Wood deck tiles cost from 15 to 100 £ while terrace boards are even more expensive. Prices of popular terracotta tiles vary a lot. Cheap ones cost about 10 £, then medium-quality about 50£/sq.m. and high-quality tiles really don’t have a maximum price. One has to count that the installation of terracotta and wood terrace tiles is quite difficult and expensive. To the product price one has to add the cost of building a base course, installation materials and labour costs.

With rubber granulate tiles there are practically no installation or follow-up costs!

When it comes to gyms or playrooms, rubber granulate floor tiles are more expensive than fitted carpets or linoleum but these do not have any fall protection or sound-absorbing qualities.

Altogether, rubber floor tiles cost depends on the rubber granulate type, tile thickness and colour, and manufacturer. It is not a good idea to save money on cheaper substitutes, usually manufactured in China from rubber of unknown origin or poor quality and not compliant with international standards. Such cheap rubber tiles can wear off very soon, and they do not provide fall protection so using them on sports areas or playgrounds can be a safety and health hazard.

You can find a few offers of rubber granulate tiles on the internet. However, there are only a few manufacturers of rubber floor tiles. It is always recommendable to first make sure where the product is made, if it has safety certificates in accordance with EN 1177 (for playgrounds) and what is the final price of a product. It is worth buying directly from a manufacturer, who usually guarantees good value for money along with a product warranty and proper certificates.

Whoever wanted to buy rubber granulate terrace tiles in a traditional way knows that they are rarely seen in DIY stores. These products are relatively new in the market and clients don’t look for them in bulk amounts. A wide range of products and colours can only be found online. Some manufacturers offer a free sample delivered to your home as well as professional advice and client service.

WARCO Rubber Tiles is a German manufacturer of rubber floor tiles, who sells the product online all over Europe and beyond. Go to to see the product range, the delivery costs to the UK, to order a free sample and ask for the best or most economical tile.

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