Easy balcony renovation

How to renovate balcony floor? With elastic tiles your balcony renovation will be easy and lasting.

How to renovate your old balcony flooring? With rubber floor tiles, your balcony will last for years. Spare money on installation and do it yourself!

Having a balcony is a luxury that you want to enjoy just like any other room in your house. It is a place where you should be able to sit, lay down, exercise, play with your kids. With rubber tiles, your balcony will be pleasant to use all year round and it is family-friendly. The tiles are heat- and cold-insulating, so you won’t have cold feet.

They are soft and fall-absorbing so playing directly on them is safe and enjoyable. At the same time, rubber balcony flooring is high heel proof and robust to sustain flower pots, chairs, barbecue, and – obviously – high heel shoes!

These permanently elastic tiles won’t shrink, shift or cup because they are completely resistant to any weather conditions, especially frost. What is important to know is that they are breathable – they let water go through them. That is why your subfloor needs to be waterproof (or covered with a waterproof membrane). Rain water will clean your tiles and flow to the bottom of a tile and away, following the incline. The tiles are maintenance-free. If you want to clean them, use traditional tools (vacuum cleaner, mop) or detergents. You can also take the tiles out and put them back again.

For a small balcony (up to 25 sq.m.) we recommend our 18 mm balcony flooring. The tiles are equipped with the interlocking zip to make the installation even easier and prevent shifting. For larger balconies (or heavier loads), use 30 mm terrace tiles. If you need only a few sq. m. (up to 100 kg), send an e-mail to info@warco.de and we will offer you parcel service, which is more economical.

You can renovate your balcony yourself! The tiles should be placed directly onto your existing subfloor, without any separating layer or glueing. That’s why it’s so simple. The interlocking zip connection helps you with the proper assembly. You can cut your rubber tiles to the desired shape with a jigsaw or a solid knife. If your balcony is exactly, let’s say, 3m wide, cut a tile in half and use the halves on both ends. This way the edges of your balcony will be straight and nothing will be wasted. In general, in case of WARCO tiles with tongue and groove connection system, gluing is not necessary. However, if we would like to ensure a long-term stability of our installed surface, we may glue the tiles with each other in the corners using adhesive produced on the base of polyurethane (which also is available in our online shop as a product OP83). It is also recommendable to glue the perimeter row of the tiles using spot gluing along the tiles’ edges and in the corners.If you want to fix the tiles in vulnerable points, glue them with a polyurethane adhesive to each other.

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