DIY rubber tiles – top summer inspiration

Rubber outdoor tiles

Weather-resistant rubber tiles by WARCO make an extremely durable flooring that is just perfect for summer-chill out. After the hot season, it may be easily uninstalled and used in a different place

The use of outdoor rubber tiles has been one of the hottest decorating and renovation trends in the summer 2015! It is not hard to see why:

  • Rubber flooring by WARCO is UV rays-proof and may be installed in all sun-exposed areas without worries that the colour will fade. Made of high-quality EPDM rubber granulate, it retains its full, saturated colour for the whole period of use.
  • This material also ensures thermal isolation, protecting us from heat and cold. As a result, we may safely walk barefoot on the tiles with no worries of getting our feet burnt. Apart from the thermal isolation, rubber granulate also offers acoustic protection, allowing our kids to play ball games safely as the noise assisting all games is significantly reduced.
  • Enjoy your summer splashing in the water! EPDM rubber tiles are resistant to chlorine, therefore they can be used as swimming pool surrounds or a safety floor for a garden pool. Thanks to the porous structure of our innovative tiles, their surface is anti-slip and quick-drying. The rubber tiles are water-permeable, so water flows away or evaporates through the tiny drainage channels built in their structure.
  • The tiles are just so easy to install that you may do it all by yourself without gluing and edging! Thanks to their multi-functionality, you may lay (and equally easy uninstall them) for all permanent but also temporary summer outdoor applications such as; wedding ceremonies, fairs, cultural events, professional stands, fitness zones, basketball courts, patios, garden areas, beer gardens etc. The tiles may be quickly and conveniently uninstalled and used in another place or season!
  • EPDM granulate is low-flammable which is another reason for installing the outdoor rubber flooring in practically every private and public area.
  • Outdoor rubber tiles are elastic with fall-attenuating properties. Having this in mind, you and your kids may safely enjoy all sports and games. From now on, forget about tears or injuries when tripping or falling!
  • Our wide selection of gorgeous colours and various formats of the tiles will add unconventional style and character to your summer area. We have vibrant, juicy colours that are filled with boldness and excitement such as Etna or Atlantic but also, there is a selection of timeless elegant classics of beiges, neutral greys and earthy greens, such as Travertine, Light Granite, Savannah or Rattan Lounge.
  • Match the fabulous summer looks with practicality of your new flooring! The tiles are elastic but at the same time considerably robust so you may safely place garden furniture, pots with plants and sports or training equipment on them!

Get inspired with WARCO outdoor rubber tiles this summer and complete our contact form. You may obtain a free colour sample and get advice from out expert available at: +44 117 20 50 269. We also recommend viewing our photo gallery with exemplary installations of our innovative rubber flooring.