Weatherproofing balcony floor with rubber balcony tiles

Red balcony tiles with the interlocking zip

Brick-red WARCO balcony flooring

To protect just renovated insulation sheets, to cover up old balcony tiles, or to make it children-friendly – there are many reasons why rubber floor tiles are the best choice of balcony flooring.

Having a balcony is one of the small luxuries in life, that is why we want to enjoy it to the fullest. It doesn’t matter if you own or rent it because with rubber balcony tiles you can make it comfortable and weatherproof, without damaging the existing balcony floor. And if you have to change the apartment or redesign the balcony, simply take out the tiles and use them in another place!

Renovating and weatherproofing balcony floor

To weatherproof your balcony, place WARCO balcony floor tiles directly onto your existing subfloor. No extra layer is necessary if your subfloor is fairly even and waterproof (in case of leaks, cover it with a layer of roof foil). The tiles hold together thanks to the interlocking zip (18 mm balcony flooring or 30 mm terrace flooring) or the tongue-and-groove system in 30 mm terrace tiles. The adhesive should only be used where necessary by gluing the tiles on the edges. Thanks to that, no damage will be made to the existing balcony floor.

WARCO outdoor flooring will protect your balcony from any weather influences, and its surface will always be dry and slip-resistant. Rubber granulate tiles are frost proof and UV-resistant (tiles made from EPDM rubber will preserve their colour for years).

Covering up old, ugly tiles

Installing balcony floor tiles is a piece of cake – in one afternoon, equipped only with a wood saw or a good knife (to cut the tiles to shape), you can cover up your old balcony floor by yourself. If you have some creative flair, you can design a pattern of your choice, combining WARCO tiles of various colours.

If you are a tenant, you really don’t have to put up with the ugly balcony floor. WARCO balcony flooring, available in a wide selection of vivid colours and several formats and shapes, is also intended for short-term use. When you move, you can sell the tiles to the landlord or take them with you and use in the new place – on a balcony, terrace, patio, in the garden, play area for kids, basement, basketball court, etc.

Family-friendly outdoor flooring

A balcony covered with insulating rubber floor tiles is warm and cosy. An ideal place to exercise, sunbathe, and play with your kids. A truly family-friendly corner – cushioning and non-slip flooring provides safety and confidence for toddlers and their grandparents. And if you have pets, I bet the balcony would be their favourite spot, too – the tiles are fall attenuating, pleasantly soft and never too cold or too hot.

Thanks to the drainage canals in the tiles structure, water goes through them and flows away following the incline. Rubber flooring dries quickly, and the moisture spreads through the pores and evaporates. Thanks to that you can use your balcony all year round, regardless of the weather!

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