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WARCO Bodenbeläge – WARCO Rubber Tiles

We are a German company which manufactures and sells rubber granulate flooring for terraces, playgrounds and stables. We have been on the market for the last 12 years and currently are active in most European countries and the Middle East. Since 2012 we have been operating in the UK and Ireland.

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Visit our shops to get more information and purchase the tiles online:

flaga Wielkiej Brytanii United Kingdom/Ireland:
shop www.warco-tiles.com
blog www.rubber-floor-tiles.eu
blog www.playground-surface.eu
flaga francuska France:
shop www.dalle-souple.fr
blog www.warco.fr
flaga niemiecka Germany:
shop www.warco.de
blog www.wohlfuehlboden.eu
flaga szwajcarska Switzerland:
shop www.warco.ch
blog www.wohlfuehlboden.ch
shop www.warco-polska.pl
blog www.plyty-tarasowe.com

Contact us:
tel. +44 117 20 50 269
fax +49 6321 9152393

Michael Schladt
WARCO Bodenbeläge
Andergasse 17
67434 Neustadt an der Weinstraße
VAT-ID: DE219871542